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Rules for submitting applications for the pitching of short live-action films

The Mykolaichuk OPEN Film Festival together with the international visual stories production AMO Pictures will jointly hold a pitching for projects of short live-action films. The best project will receive $2000 for production.

Requirements for film projects:

— Film length - up to 25 minutes ;
— Live-action form;
— Country of production - Ukraine (or co-production);
— The director of the film has made no more than two feature films of any genre (directors without feature films in their filmography are also considered);
— A complete script;
— The film project must be completed by March 2025.

Requirements for the application package:

— A completed application in Ukrainian;
— An excerpt from the script (3-5 pages in Ukrainian) or a full script;
— CVs of key project team members;
— Consolidated budget of the film;
— Approximate shooting plan;
— Photos of key team members;
— Working materials of the film (footage, teaser) if available.
Follow the link to apply. The application deadline is May 23. The selection results will be announced on May 31. 

Important! The submitted project must be completed by March 2025. And its Ukrainian premiere should take place at the 4th Mykolaichuk OPEN Audience Film Festival.
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