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Even during the war, Ukrainian cinema continues to live on. In 2022, we invited visitors to see it, talk to the filmmakers, and remind ourselves once again that we are fighting not only for our land, but also for our culture.
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dates of the first festival

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films we watched


schedule of events we have performed

June 15 – prologue

18:30 - So late, so warm autumn, 1981 

82 min. + Q&A

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June 16


16:00 - Mariupolis, 2016 

96 min. + representation

18:30 - Parthenon, 2019 

119 min. + Q&A

June 17

12:00 - The first series of "The Host", 2022

45 min. 

+ a meeting with the creative team

We are watching the first episode of a new Ukrainian TV series based on the classic play by Ivan Karpenko-Kary. And then we talk with our star guests: Bohdan Benyuk, Olga Sumska, Viktor Zhdanov and Taras Tkachenko.

15:00 - Roses. Cabaret movie, 2021 

77 min. 

18:00 - House "Slovo". An endless novel, 2021

120 min. + representation

June 18

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09:30 - Discussion: "The Future of Ukrainian Cinema"

60 min. 

It may seem that the war put Ukrainian cinema on hold. However, now it quite successfully presents Ukraine in the world. How long will films made before the war be able to appear at festivals, and when will new ones begin to be filmed?

10:40 - Play, 2021 

75 min. + Q&A

12:40 - Between the sky and the mountains

70 min.  + Q & A

+ meeting with Irma Vitovska

14:40 - Special screening "Between Us", 2021 

110 min.

"Between Us" revealed Irma Vitovska from a completely unexpected side. Here, the most famous Ukrainian film mother showed herself to be a femme fatale. We invite you to watch the film together with the creative team and ask the actress about her unusual role.


17:25 - A creative meeting with Viacheslav Dovzhenko

60 min.

We talk to the star of "Cyborgs", "Swingers" and "House of the Word". An endless novel" about life, career, theater and anything you want to ask the actor.

18:30 - I work in the cemetery, 2021 

 100 min. + Q&A

June 19

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09:30 - Discussion: "Ukrainian TV series before, during and after the war"

60 min. 

What series were filmed in Ukraine before the war and which ones will we watch during it? What will happen to the products created in the co-production of Russia? We deal with these and other questions together with the producer of "First Swallows" Oleksiy Gladushevsky.

10:40 - And they will talk about us, 2021

103 min. + Q&A

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13:20 - A creative meeting with Viktor Zhdanov

60 min.

Viktor Zhdanov can play both drama and comedy, and his images of Old Man from "Cyborgs" and Omelka from "To Catch Kaidash" made viewers fall in love with him. Come to talk to the actor in person.

14:40 - Kings of rap, 2021 

100+ Q&As

2022-06-08 17.47.56.jpg

17:15 - Creative meeting with Maryna Koshkina and Mykhailo Dziuba

60 min.

Mykhailo Dziuba and Maryna Koshkina are young and talented actors whose careers are interesting to follow. We are sure that you will fall in love with them after watching the "House of the Word" festival films. Endless Romance", "Between Us" and "Kings of Rap". So don't miss the chance to chat live.

18:30 - Egregor, 2021 

 110 min. + representation

June 21 - closing

18:00 - V. Silvestrov, 2020 

143 min. + representation


Ivan Mykolaichuk Cultural and Art Centre

The history of the Ivan Mykolaychuk Cultural and Art Centre began in 1968. Back then, the Druzhba cinema was built in Chernivtsi. 21 years later, it was named after Ivan Mykolaychuk.


Another important event was the reconstruction of the building designed by Yaroslav Boyko (BOYKO ARCHITECT GROUP). It was completed in 2020, and the centre became fully operational the following year.

Today, it is a modern institution of the Chernivtsi territorial community, which has become the main location of the Mykolaychuk OPEN festival of audience films. The events will take place in the cinema hall, which can accommodate 352 people, the Ivan-Hub art space and the Ivan Mykolaychuk Museum.


partners and friends of the project

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the team working on the project

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Ivan Butnyak

festival director

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Oleksiy Gladushevskyi

general producer

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Tatyana Dyachenko

executive producer, moderator

Ellipse 6.png
Alex Malyshenko

program director

Ellipse 8.png
Inna Lastochkina

executive producer

Ellipse 9.png
Tasia Pugach

head of the PR department

Ellipse 15.png
Oleksandr Bilous

head of network development

Ellipse 13.png
Julia Nagorna


Ellipse 12.png
Tatyana Gerasimenko


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Vita Biryulina

financial director

Mykolaichuk OPEN _ audience film festival


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